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There is one error in each of the sentences below. The error is always in either part A, B, C or D. When you find the error, write the letter of the part it is in in the box at the start of the sentence. (Sentence 0 is done as an example.)

Questions 0-12.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx A xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx BxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxC
0. Today it seems hardly credible , but Los Angeles grew as it did because in its early days it had
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx D
a highly advanced public transporting system.

xxxxxxxxxxxxA xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx BxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxC
1. Sometime it snows in the northern states of America as early as October, though this
xxxxxxxxxxxxx D
isn't always the case.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxA xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx BxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxC
2. In the USA, some notorious bandits are figures of popular folklore; particularly them
from the wild west such as Billy the Kid .
xxxxxxxxxA xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx BxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxC
3. Many of people considered it impossible when President Kennedy said America would put, a man
on the moon by the end of the 1960s .
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxA xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx BxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxC
4. If you really can't get to the station on time I suppose that you will have to take
xxxxxx D
the taxi home tonight.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxA xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx BxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxC
5. After the social science lecture all students are invited to take parts in a discussion of the issues
which were raised in the talk.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxA xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx BxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxCxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx D
6. If you lend me that book, I promise that I will give it back by Friday on the latest.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxA xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx BxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxC
7. He started as a salesman, then he went on to become a manager, finally finished his career
as chairman of the board.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxA xxxxxxxxxx BxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxCxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxD
8. Micorsoft, who is based far from Silicon Valley, is nevertheless America's most successful
computer company.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxA xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx BxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxC
9. Thanksgiving is a holiday which is celebrated only by Americans, and is a time for the family
to be togetherness.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxA xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx BxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxC
10. Last year in the fall they went to Washington where are many famous monuments, and numerous
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx D
other things which tourists can do.
xxxxxxxxxxxxaxxxxxxxxxxxA xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx BxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxC
11. Peter said he would be in New York from early on Monday morning until last thing on Friday
when he travel to Coney Island.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxA xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx BxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxC
12. Although it has it's faults, the US constitution is reckoned to be a highly successful experiment
xxxxxxxx D
in participatory democracy.


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