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There is one error in each of the sentences below. The error is always in either part A, B, C or D. When you find the error, write the letter of the part it is in in the box at the start of the sentence. (Sentence 0 is done as an example.)

Questions 0-12.

xxxxXXXXXXXXXXxxxxxxxxXXX A xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx BxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxC
0. Benjamin Franklin, as well as being a diplomat, did research into electricity and he too worked
1. XX D
as a printer in his early career.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxA xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx BxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxC
1. If you wanting to come with me you had better hurry because I've got to be leaving in the next
1. D
minute or two .
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxA xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx BxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxC
2. The Black Hills, where died General Custer in his last stand, are sacred to the Souix who
1. D
used to live there .
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxA xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx BxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxC
3. Everybody of the house comes to help with the shopping on Saturday, except Brad, because he
1. D
has to do football practice .
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxA xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx BxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxC
4. The world's first nuclear reactor was constructed in a squash court in an university in Chicago in
1.xxxxxx D
the nineteen forties.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxA xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx BxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxC
5. If I had known that Wendy didn't have a date for the prom, I would have asked her to come
1.x D
with myself.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxA xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx BxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxC
6. Before movies were made in Hollywood the principle focus of movie-making was on the East coast
1.x D
mainly around New York.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxA xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx BxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxC
7. Bison, which were once nearly extinct, are a comeback - for which credit goes to ranchers
1.x xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxD
and conservationists working together.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxA xxxxxxxxxxxxx BxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxCxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxD
8. While most of people may believe that they eat very little soya, it is in fact a major food additive.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxA xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx BxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxC
9. Our schedule consists of three hours of history lectures, followed by the afternoon in the
1.x D
football's stadium.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxA xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx B
10. The Minotaur was among the very first examples for a modern armoured battleship,
xxxxxxxxxxCxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx D
and it saw action in the American civil war.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxA xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx BxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxCxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxD
11. Now don't forget that on Monday you fly to Denver and from here you have to go on to Houston.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxA xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx BxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxC
12. Although popular, it must be said that football is secondary to baseball in the minds of most
xxxxxxxxxxxxxx D
American sportive fans.


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