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The sentences below are not complete. There are four options for each question. Choose the best word to complete the sentence and press the button next to it.

Questions 1-12.
1. Please ask Mr Smith if I ...... him next week.
a. am seeing b. see c. will be seen d. can be seeing

2. You ...... to register for this course.
a. mustn't b. shouldn't c. don't need d. can have

3. We have been working hard. Let's ...... a break.
a. do b. take c. make d. find

4. As you drive down the road, take the ......, and you will see his house ahead.
a. left second turn b. left turn c. second turn left d. left turning

5. ...... you paid me twice the salary, I wouldn't take that job.
a. Although b. Despite c. Though d. Even if

6. ..... others ahead of yourself is easy to say, but harder to do.
a. Put b. Putting c. The putting d. For putting

7. I'm a bit busy right now, can you .......?
a. recall me b. return my call c. rephone d. call back

8. Mr Jones has studied the matter ......, and he will now present his conclusions.
a. profoundly b. in depth c. fundamentally d. for serious

9. The Texan accent is very .......
a. distinctive b. recognised c. unique d. diverse

10. Can you tell me how to ...... the airport?
a. arrive in b. achieve c. get to d. attain

11. He has lost a lot of weight ...... he went on that diet.
a. in time b. since c. even though d. when

12. It's raining again. It's ...... the weather improved.
a. in time b. for time c. the time d. about time


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