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The sentences below are not complete. There are four options for each question. Choose the best word to complete the sentence and press the button next to it.

Questions 1-12.
1. ...... in 1937, the Golden Gate bridge is a symbol of San Francisco.
a. Building b. Construction c. Made d. Completed

2. The US constitution ....... three branches of government - legislative, executive and judicial.
a. is permitted for having b. can allow in c. provides for d. foresees as being

3. You will find more information in the .....
a. attached file b. attached to file c. file what is attached d. attachment file

4. Downtown Chicago ....... Manhattan, has very distinctive architecture.
a. same with b. like c. similar for d. as same

5. The ........ state of the US, Alaska, was purchased from Russia in the last century.
a. north b. northernmost c. northerly d. northest

6. There has been an increase in the price of oil in ...... weeks.
a. recent b. just passed c. some d. yesterday's

7. ........ the American system of primaries, election campaigns begin very early.
a. As result b. Consequently c. Even if d. Because of

8. The minutes will show us which ...... the meeting.
a. directors had attendance b. the directors were at c. directors attended d. were directors present at

9. Give me three minutes and I'll ...... .
a. return you call b. call you in back c. get back to you d. be phoned back

10. The United States has presidential elections ...... every four years.
a. at least b. there is one c. one being d. one is held

11. Will candidates please ..... section 2 on the paper.
a. turn on b. page to c. turn to d. page on

12. A number of ships were sent to the area .... the battleship Missouri.
a. the largest was b. one of was c. a biggest was d. among them


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