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The sentences below are not complete. There are four options for each question. Choose the best word to complete the sentence and press the button next to it.

Questions 1-12.
1. Mr Jones ...... the company since 1990
a runs b. is running c. has run d. ran

2. The bookshop ..... next to the town hall
a. is put b. has the post c. position d. is located

3. ..... his parents allow him or not, John intends to go to the party.
a. Whether b. While c. Although d. Despite

4. ..... people know the town better than old Jake here.
a. The few b. Only the few c. Only few d. Few

5. You must boil those vegetables before .... in the stew.
a. using them b. their used c. the use d. using

6. ..... knows that Dallas is not the capital of Texas.
a. Anyone b. Many persons c. Not everyone d. Some body

7. The first congress .... in 1776.
a. was hold b. were held c. took place d. took over

8. If we are in town we ..... go to the cinema.
a. should too b. might as well c. do have to d. used to

9. The park is named ...... the town's first mayor.
a. in respect of b. owing to c. in honor of d. of the memory of

10. She got married .... while on holiday in Hawaii.
a. secretly b. together c. unexpected d. with Tom

11. What did you want to do that ....?
a. reason b. for c. because d. thing

12. Spring is ...... . It will be warmer soon.
a. on the way b. to be coming c. eventually d. prepared now


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