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Read the short passage. The reading is followed by several questions about it. There are four possible answers (A-D) for each question. Choose the best answer and click the button next to it. When you have finished, click answers.

Joseph Pulitzer

Joseph Pulitzer was born in 1847 in Makó, Hungary. He emigrated to the United States when he was seventeen years old, and was naturalised on his twentieth birthday. He spent his career in journalism working in the mid-west and New York. From 1871 he was also the owner or part-owner of many newspapers. His most famous newspaper was the New York World (which many believe was the model for the Daily Planet of the Superman stories). The World campaigned against corruption, and exposed many scandals. It was also a strong supporter of the rights of the working man.

In later life, Joseph Pulitzer collapsed from overwork, and lost his sight. He became dedicated to improving the quality of journalism in America, and donated $1 million to Columbia University to found a school of journalism. However, his most significant contribution was the establishment of the Pulitzer prizes in his will.

These prizes for excellence in journalism have been given every year since 1917 by Columbia University. Since 1942 there have been extra categories for press photography, and later still for criticism, feature writing and commentary. The prize was originally for $500, but today the winners of the prize receive a gold medal. However, the real value of the prize is that it confirms that the journalist who has received the award is the best American journalist of the year - a fact that is worth much more than $500 to the journalist and to the newspaper that employs him or her.


1. Joseph Pulitzer came to America because
    a. he was with his parents
    b. he wanted to be a journalist
    c. Hungary was being attacked by Austria
    d. the text does not say.
5. Pulitzer became an American citizen
    a. twenty years after he arrived in the United States.
    b. in 1867.
    c. after contributing $1 million to a university
    d. when he was 17 years old.
2. As well as writing for newspapers
    a. Joseph Pulitzer wrote the Superman stories.
    b. was the boss of some newspapers.
    c. won prizes for press photography.
    d. worked in the mid-west.
6. What did the New York World not do?
    a. Investigate wrongdoing by public officials.
    b. Establish a famous prize for journalism.
    c. Probably provide a model for a famous fictional newspaper.
    d. Stand up for the common people.
3. The text tells us that
    a. Joseph Pulitzer became a patriotic American.
    b. later became a member of Columbia University.
    c. was one of the richest men in New York.
    d. worked very hard.
7. The Pulitzer prizes are for
    a. the best writing in America.
    b. press photography and commentary.
    c. high quality journalism.
    d. none of the above.
4. The prize is worth
    a. $500.
    b. a gold medal.
    c. more in prestige than money.
    d. a job with a good newspaper.
8. This article is about
    a. journalism in America.
    b. the life of Joseph Pulitzer.
    c. the Pulitzer prize.
    d. B and C together.


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