IELTS Practice tests
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Read the questions carefully, and try to work out as much as you can about the situation. Work out the type of information you have to listen for in each case. When you are ready press 'Listen'. You should only play the recording once, and try to answer all the questions whilst the recording is playing.

1. The earth and coral reefs are not defined as 'single living things' because they are

over 10,000 years old
not individual life forms
composed of living entities
not really alive

2. Which statement about Wattieza trees is false?

They were 8 metres tall
They have been around for a long time
They affected the planet's climate
They were on earth 380 million years ago

Trees over 3. years old are 'not uncommon' (fill the gap)

4. The Fortingall Yew is called a 'sapling' because

It contained sap
This is a species of tree
It was once young
It is Scottish

5. The Prometheus tree was destroyed by a scientist studying

the effects of glaciers
strength of drills
weather forecasting
the growth of old trees

Fill in the table

Age of Prometheus treeEvent
Approximately 10 years 6.
7. Moses leads the Hebrews from Egypt
2,000 years8.
9. Tree chopped down

10. Bristle-coned pines survive longest

... after 969 years
... if they are in the area of the Methuselah tree
... because they are now protected
... in areas where the soil is poor in nutrients

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