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Read the questions carefully, and try to work out as much as you can about the situation. Work out the type of information you have to listen for in each case. When you are ready press 'Listen'. You should only play the recording once, and try to answer all the questions whilst the recording is playing.

What day of the week does this conversation happen on? 1. years

2. What does the tutor want to do?

Assist with what will be in the presentation
Suggest some ideas
Mark the presentation
Not hear the presentation today

3. Which of these diagrams represents how the marks are arranged?

4. Patrick's second question is about

The rules of the presentation
If the projectionist is good enough
When they can do rehersals

5. What does the tutor say about Kim's parents?

They can't come
They can come if the Principal agrees
That they can be flexible about this
That it will affect the other student's performance

What is the approximate time between each presentation? 6.

7. Which best describes the tutor's attitude?


Select three things which Patrick and Kim cannot do

a. Be off the platform during the presentation 
b. Ask the tutor for help and ideas 
c. Get different marks for the presentation 
d. Have their parents present 
e. Rehearse with the projectionist 
f. Take their time in setting up 
g. Ask Mr Benson about Kim's parents 
h. Do their presentation second instead of first. 


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