IELTS Practice tests
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Read the questions carefully, and try to work out as much as you can about the situation. Work out the type of information you have to listen for in each case. When you are ready press 'Listen'. You should only play the recording once, and try to answer all the questions whilst the recording is playing.

The show has been broadcast for the past 1. years

2. The Friday pub quiz lasts for

An hour
Half an hour
Three-quarters of an hour

3. Which is NOT a quiz category

Pop Trivia
British History

Which category comes after British sport? 4.

In world Geography, you might be asked about the world's second highest 5.

How many other categories are in the "I'm feeling lucky" category. 6.

Fill in the score sheet (write numbers)

A correct answer gets 7. points

A wrong answer gets 8. points

No answer gets 9. points

How much is it per minute to phone Radio Rhymington's quiz number? 10.


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