IELTS Practice tests
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Read the questions carefully, and try to work out as much as you can about the situation. Work out the type of information you have to listen for in each case. When you are ready press 'Listen'. You should only play the recording once, and try to answer all the questions whilst the recording is playing.

1. What is the name of the Plumbing company?    

Barrat Plumbing
Carrard Plumbing
Wilson Plumbing

Water is coming out of the 2. plastic pipe.    

What make is the washing machine? 3.    

The woman is advised to call Johnson's 4. appliances    

What number on West road is the woman's address? 5.    

6. What is near East Greenshore?    

A town
An apartment
A university

Johnson's shop is on 7.    

8. What is near Mr Johnson's shop?    

a cinema
a river
a plumber

What is the woman's phone number? 9.    

10. Mr Johnson should phone Mrs Harris    

It does not say


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