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Going on holiday this year? Broughton Holidays have hundreds of offers for you and your family. Here are two of our most popular current deals.

The Caribbean breakaway. Available between January 22nd and March 1.

Lose your winter blues in the warm tropical sunshine of St Anna, our tropical paradise just off the coast of Latin America. Visitors can spend a fortnight in our luxury four star hotel, or chose a self-catering family cabana near the beach. The cost of your flight is included in the holiday, and if you make a reservation early enough, you can be picked up from your home by our special airport bus. All flights leave from Heathrow on a Monday morning, allowing you to race the sun to your Caribbean holiday getaway.

Transfer in Jamaica to an Island Airways flight (Don't worry about your luggage. We take care of it from when you check in at Heathrow until you collect it at your hotel.) A short flight gets you to the airport at St Anna, where your coach will be waiting to take you to the hotel.

The Cowrie Hotel is a state-of-the art hotel with 900 beds, ranging from a luxury penthouse suite to single bedroom economy rooms. The hotel is built right on the beachfront, and many rooms have wonderful ocean views, with the others looking out over the golf course at the back of the hotel. If swimming and surfing are not enough for you, the hotel also offers pony rides to the interior of the island, a discount membership of the golf club, and even parachuting lessons for the very adventurous.

And don't forget the Pirate Cruise, the chance to take the local ferry out to the nearby island of Santo Alberto where the legendary pirate Blackbeard is supposed to have hidden his stolen loot.

The Rain Forest Adventure holiday

Every year Broughton holidays teams up with Sopraviva Trekking to offer twelve days of unforgettable adventure in a tropical rain forest. Depending on where this year's rain forest adventure is located, you may be going to Borneo, Malaysia, Indonesia, or even to the greatest rain forest of them all, the mighty Amazonian forest.

You will fly with your fellow adventurers to one of our special base camps at the edge of the forest, where you will be given five days of survival training, and talks on the local wildlife by trained and experienced experts. You will also go on walks which take you deeper and deeper under the forest canopy until on your final night you camp out in the rain forest itself.

Then you transfer by bus into the forest itself. If you go on one of the Asian holidays, you will have to walk the final five miles to the camp site itself, to avoid disturbing the local ecology. All of the Sopraviva sites have been carefully built to conform with the latest regulations, and to cause the minimal amount of disturbance to the local wildlife.

From the camp, you will go on daily walking tours to experience for yourself the beauty and diversity of the forests, and plants and vegetation that can be found no-where else on the planet. Remember that these adventure holidays take you deep into the wilderness, and they are not suitable for families with young children of for anyone who is not physically capable of meeting the demands of this kind of adventure. Also remember that in order to preserve the delicate ecological system that you will be walking through, no more than two dozen guests can stay at any camp at one time, so if you want to go on one of these very special holidays, you will need to book early!

Fill the gaps with words from the selection below. Do not use any choice more than once. You do not need four of the choices.

All Broughton holidays are arranged 1. with partners in the 2. industry, some of whom have been working with us year after year to provide 3. holidays for thousands of people. Because we work with local companies as well as international 4. we are able to provide you with exactly the kind of holiday that is right for you whether you want to explore exotic places, or just relax and 5. in the sun. We also arrange holidays for particular 6. including holidays for young adults or for seniors. We always try to provide the very best facilities for people with disabilities, so if you have any 7. , do not hesitate to contact us before booking.

  1. notwithstanding
  2. leisure
  3. age groups
  4. practical and fun
  1. unwind
  2. bargain discounts
  3. top-quality
  4. in collaboration
  1. local wildlife
  2. special needs
  3. organizations

Choose the correct answer

  1. What kind of holiday accomodation is NOT mentioned in the advertisements?
    1. Tents
    2. Cruise ship cabins
    3. Hotel rooms
    4. Beach houses
  2. To be picked up by the airport bus you must
    1. Stay at the Cowrie hotel
    2. Book well beforehand
    3. Have special needs
    4. Be travelling with a family
  3. What does the Rainforest Adventure emphasise?
    1. Disturbing the local ecology
    2. Preserving the forest environment
    3. Holidays in Asia
    4. Two weeks in beautiful tropical jungles
  4. Which of these statements is false?
    1. Caribbean breakaways are available soon after Christmas
    2. You must be fit to do a Rainforest Adventure
    3. It is five miles from the road to the Amazonian camp
    4. You need to change planes to get to St Anna
  5. The Cowrie hotel is ...
    1. Very modern
    2. In the interior of the island
    3. In Jamaica
    4. Self-catering

Finish the sentence with one word from the text

  1. Before going into the rainforest, holidaymakers get lessons in
  2. To reach the island of Santo Alberto, you travel by

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