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The English Language Games in the table below are for you to download and play. You CAN'T sell them, or change them in any way. They are free, so you can copy them and give them to your friends. HAVE FUN!


Using windows XP or Win2000?
If you are having problems with running these VB version of the games, you might need a file called vbrun300.dll in your windows/system directory. Get it here

GameDescriptionVB (.msi)
What is .NET?

PARTS OF THE HOUSE Crossword game/elementary house.exe 
WHAT'S MY JOB? Crossword game/intermediate jobs.exeJobs Game
TYPES OF TRANSPORT Word search/all levels travel.exe 
THINGS IN THE HOUSE Word search/all levels    fast! furnish.exe 
MALE, FEMALE, YOUNG Crossword game/advancedmfyxword.exe 
FIND THE OPPOSITES Card game/elementary/intermediatecard.exeCard Game
PROVERBS Crossword Game/advancedproverb.exe 
BATTLESHIPS (I, II & III) Opposites game/intermediate/advancedbattle.exe 
COMPOUND WORDS Word building/intermediatecompound.exeCompound Words
PICK A WINNER Prepositions game/intermediate/advancedwinner.exe 
CITY TRADER Reading Headlines/advancedstock.exe
CHANGE A LETTER Make new words/ elem/intermediatelettchng.exe 
ANIMAL, VEGETABLE OR MINERAL? Find words in a category/ all levelsanvegmin.exe 

LEGAL STUFF: These games are checked virus-free. They are compiled and tested for standard intel x86 compatible computers of 486 and above. All .exe programmes run with vbrun300.dll in the windows/system directory. English Online and Biscuit software take no responsibility for the consequences of using these games, which is done at the user's own risk. Please report any problems to

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