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FCE has five papers:

Use of English - You will be tested on your grammar, your vocabulary and your ability to use English correctly - including spelling. This is combined with the Reading paper. You will have one huor and 15 minutes to do both.
Reading - The material you will have to read is the sort of thing you might find in a magazine, a book or a manual. However, the texts are from a wide variety of sources, so be ready for anything!
Writing - You will have 1 hour 20 minutes to do this paper. In this part of the test you have to write two different essays.
Listening - The listening paper takes about 40 minutes and checks that you can understand what people are talking about, even when they use regional accents and colloquial English. You should also be able to understand particular important details, even if you do not understand everything.
Speaking - The speaking test is the shortest (14 minutes) of the FCE papers. The examiners will be looking at how well you can express yourself in English.

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