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Mark the correct box.
1.Which of these is a bird?
A tiger A chicken Batman right wrong

2.Which one can you eat?

A sandwich Socks A door right wrong

3.Which one can fly?

A horse A bat Butter right wrong



4.Which do you wear?

A belt A bell A bolt right wrong

5.Which is an animal?

A fox A fix A fax right wrong

6.Which do you find on the water?

A boot A beat A boat right wrong


7.Which is a job?

A sail A butler A post office right wrong

8.Which is dangerous?

A kitten A puppy A murderer right wrong

9.Which is a tree?

An oak An oar An oaf right wrong

and finally for 3 points...

10."Gluttony" is connected with ..

Feet Fire Food right wrong

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