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Example part 4 (Discussion, Description, and Ordering

Try to imagine the house of the future in 50 years time. How would it be different from the home of today?

Among the things to discuss might be:
  • How housework is done
  • Building materials
  • Technology to make life easier
  • Size and number of occupants
Imagine you are going to build a dream house. Work with your partner to describe what it might be like.

Some of the things to consider could be:

Where would you prefer to live? Work with your partner to put these locations in order. ( Remember there is no "right" answer - the important thing is that you have an effective discussion.)

  • A cottage in the English countryside
  • A villa in Tuscany
  • A penthouse in New York
  • A beach house in Thailand
  • A mansion in Beunos Aires
  • A ranch house in Texas
  • A flat in Paris

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