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Example part 2

Now think how you would discuss these topics.

1. Some famous buildings in your own country.
2. Typical residential buildings in your country.
3. Why these buildings are constructed as they are.
4. What kind of house you live in.

Example part 3

Look at these passages. Choose one, and read it to yourself. Then comment on what you have read. Scroll down if you want hints.

(i) This was the corridor from the nursery to the bathroom. It was quite short really, though it had seemed miles then, when he was afraid to wake anyone, yet too scared to make the cold journey alone with unnamed horrors gathering in the dark behind his every step. One of the windows was broken now and dead leaves lay in a pile against one wall. Damp had come through the roof, leaving dark splodges, and a slightly musty smell of mould. In the fitful moonlight it was again possible to believe that terrifying creatures haunted the darkness. He grinned coldly. There was himself; for example.

(ii) A fine property, late Georgian, standing in its own grounds. Six bedrooms, a large kitchen, and four downstairs reception rooms. The property is in basically sound condition, but requires considerable renovation. The garden is mature, but also requires putting back into order. Recognising this, the sellers have marked down the price of this property, which is now a real bargain for developers. Kimmunst village is only three miles away, and the house is convenient for the A23, and offers breathtaking views of the local countryside. Viewing is by appointment only.

(iii) Since we were in the area, we couldn't resist taking a detour to look at the Misley's old house. It looked really dark and gloomy in the rain (we got there in the early evening, so it was really creepy.) I'm sure that it all looked really nice, before, but now it really does look like the "house of horror" like they wrote in the papers afterwards. No-one has taken the place; can't say I'm surprised when you think of its reputation. There was an old for sale sign by the gates, so if you fancy a nice country residence, I can recommend one! Just don't be surprised if I don't come to visit.

1. Where do you think this passage has been taken from?
2. Why do you think so?
3. What is the writer trying to communicate?
4. What inferences (information that is not told to you directly) can you get from the passage?
5. How is this linked with the overall theme of the test so far?



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