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The reading test checks your ability ability to understand the meaning of written English words, phrases, sentences, paragraphs and whole texts. This means sometimes you are tested on whether you have understood a few words in a text or the meaning of the whole of it. At the end you may have a question about how the writer feels about his subject, or whether you are meant to respond positively to the text. You may also be asked why the writer has used a certain expression.

There are 4 parts with 40 questions:
Part 1 has three short texts with six four-option multiple choice cloze questions (where you have to fill in the gaps) on each
Part 2 - four short texts each of which has two questions with four options for the answer.
Part 3 - gapped text with seven questions
Part 4 - long text with seven four-option multiple choice questions

You are allowed allowed 1 hour 30 minutes for the test, and it carries 22% of the total mark .


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