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There are five parts to this test, and you have to finish it within two hours. There are about 57 questions to answer. You will be tested on your knowledge of English and grammar, especially in how you form phrases and sentences.

In the first part you have to use your knowledge of grammar and vocabulary to choose the right word to put into a gap in the text. There are 20 questions worth one mark each. In part two, you have to re-write eight sentences. Each sentence is started for you, and you often have to use a totally different construction or idiomatic expression to keep the meaning of the original. There are twelve marks for this part of the test. In the third part you have to put a few appropriate words into a gap to complete a sentence. Again your knowledge of grammar and English usage is tested. There are six questions for one mark each. In part four there are eight sentences which must be rewritten to include a word you are given. You can't change the word or the meaning of the sentence in any way. There are twelve marks for this part.

The fifth part of the test is worth another 30 marks, though the marks for the whole test are rounded down to 40. In this part you have to read a passage, and then write sentences answering questions which test whether you have understood how the writer is using language to make his points. Finally in this part, you have to write a short piece (about 60 - 80 words) on the passage you have read. This is marked for coherence and relevancy.


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