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More about the Cambridge Advanced English Exam

The first Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English (CAE) exam was introduced in December 1991. Now about 60,000 people from 127 countries take the exam every year. The majority of candidates are under 25 years old, and from Europe or South America. Exams are usually in June and December. You usually get your results about two months after the exam, and your certificate about six weeks after that. (These times are not fixed, and can change with circumstances.)

In 2003 institutions such as the European Business School, London and the Imperial College of Science, Technology & Medicine (University of London) accepted students who had passed the CAE.

The examinations are based on realistic tasks, and show that you can use English in real-life situations. For example you should be able to take part in discussions with groups of native speakers, and be able to say clearly what you feel and what your ideas are. You should be able to write appropriate English in informal and business situations, and understand at least enough to know what is going on when watching TV or film documentaries.

Candidates should be relaxed and fluent in English. They should know something about how English life and culture affects the language (e.g. use of irony, understatement and register) and they should be able to express themselves in good English even in unexpected or complicated situations.

To find out even more about the CAE exam, look for your local British Council, and ask them for the CAE Handbook.

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