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Here you can see examples of the questions in Part 2 of the writing test. Answer one of the questions in about 250 words.

2. You have been asked to write an article for your college newspaper entitled My view of public transport in my countryThis is part of a series on public transport in different countries, and each article is written not by experts, but by the people who use the services.   [exam notes]


3.You saw this advertisement :

The Circus is Coming!
Full of action and excitement! See clowns, thrilling acrobats and fierce animals! Fun for the whole family.

In fact the circus was a huge disappointment. Write to a friend telling him about it, and why you feel let down. [exam notes]


4. A friend wants to cook a traditional meal from your country for a dinner party. Give a description of the food, and some of its history, saying on what occasions it is eaten, and include a brief description of how to prepare it. Also give a summary of the culinary tradition in your country. [exam notes]


5. You work for a motor car sales company that wants to open an office in London. You have been asked if you would like to work there as assistant manager. Write a letter to your boss explaining why you think you would be suitable for the job. [exam notes]


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