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Here you can see an example of Question 1 of the writing test. Click on Example essay to see an example of an essay and the examiner's comments.

You are the film critic for your college newspaper. Below are the three films appearing at your local cinema. You have a brief description of each film, and have written your own comments underneath.

Use this information to give your overall impression of each film. Say what kind of person each film is suited for, and why. Write about 250 words.

Dangerous Ransom

Starring Josh Chandler
A band of elite government agents battle against the clock to prevent a ruthless band of terrorists from blowing up a nuclear power station. A real action thriller.

One day in June

Starring Margery Bateman, George Willum
Period drama set in the 1890s. A young man returns to his family estate in England, and wins the heart of the landowner's daughter. But what is the dark secret in his past?


Starring Sally Maercs
Something is not right in the little town of Elmer's End. Why does the apple tree bloom in September? Why doesn't anyone ever use the children's playground? The town's new schoolteacher starts investigating.

Example essay


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