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Here you can see the start of part 4 of the test. In the exam this part will be much longer, lasting four to five minutes, depending how quickly the rest of the test went. When you have read through this conversation, click on ANALYSIS.

Interlocutor: "Do you think it is right for people to keep exotic pets?"

Miguel: "Exotic is like strange and unusual, isn't it?"

Hans: "Yes"

Interlocutor: "I mean things like lions, or spiders?"

Hans: "I think it is okay to have a lion if you have a big place. A big, safe place for it."

Miguel: "I won't want that spider to escape either!"

Hans: "It's not so dangerous as a lion."

Miguel: "I think it's bad to keep exotic pets if they are kinds of animal that might go extinct."

Hans: "Then lions are okay - they are not going extinct. There are many lions in the world."

Interlocutor: "If you could have an exotic pet, what would it be?"

Miguel: "I think I would like that spider, because I could keep it in my bedroom, and then my sister would never go in there!"

Hans: "But also not you ... I mean, you also would not go in - you have told me just now that you don't like spiders."

Miguel: "This will be a guard spider for my things - I can sleep in another room."

Interlocutor: "Do you have a pet Hans?"

Hans: "I have a collie dog - she was a present for me on my birthday."

Interlocutor: "And you, Miguel?"

Miguel: "We have an apartment, and it is not so big for us to have a pet, in fact"



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