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Here you can see an example how a speaking exam might begin. This first part lasts for about three minutes. When you have read it through click on ANALYSIS.

Interlocutor: "Come on in. Have a seat. It's hot today isn't it?"

Hans: "Yes"

Miguel: "Yes, it is, isn't it? It's been hot all week."

Interlocutor: "Do you two know each other?"

Hans: "Yes, we are in the same school of languages."

Interlocutor: "Can you introduce me?"

Miguel: "Sure, I am Miguel, er ... Miguel Carrera, this is Hans Bloeston."

Interlocutor: " I'm pleased to meet you. Have you known Miguel long, Hans?"

Hans: "Yes, we have, since the start of the term. We are often studying together, but we do not sit together in the class. I am by the front but Miguel likes to sit near the back."

Miguel: "I sit with a friend of mine back there. It's not such a good idea, you know, because he speaks Spanish too. If I sat with Hans then I would have to speak more English!"

Interlocutor: "Does your teacher let you speak Spanish in the classroom? Or German?"

Hans: "Sometimes, yes."

Miguel: "Or sometimes when we are doing exercises, we speak it quietly, even when we shouldn't. It's wrong, maybe, but it is a ... do you call it a temptation?"

Interlocutor: "That's right. Do you have any brothers or sisters, Hans?"

Hans: "She is a sister - she is younger than me, Yes, I am well, eighteen years old, so she is now fifteen."

Miguel: "What's she called?"

Hans: "Her name is Freya."

Miguel: "That's a nice name. Is she learning English too?"



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