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The speaking test is paper 5 of the Cambridge Advanced English exam. We cannot give you a practice speaking test, because you need someone to speak to. However, we will tell you about the test and give you some advice on how to prepare for it. Remember you will be tested together with at least one other student.

Part 1. Lasts for about three minutes. It tests how you make introductions, and find and give personal information. (e.g. names and addresses)
Part 2. Three to four minutes. Talk about a topic suggested by a picture. Each candidate talks for about one minute.
Part 3. Three to four minutes. Group discussion about a particular situation to test how you agree, disagree and make a point.
Part 4. Three to four minutes. Wider group conversation. The examiner prompts a more general discussion on one of the topics you have discussed.

The whole paper takes about 15 minutes and gives you 20% of your total mark. Click the link below to see how the papers are marked and for more information about the test.


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