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The reading test is paper 1 of the Cambridge Advanced English exam. You have to read four different texts, each several hundred words in length making a total of about 3 000 words. The different parts of the paper check different reading skills; including your ability to find particular types of information, to understand the structure of a composition and its overall meaning.

Part 1. Twelve to eighteen questions, for one mark each. You need to look for particular information in the text.
Part 2. Six to seven questions, for two marks each. You need to put paragraphs into the text to show you have understood how the text has been written.
Part 3. Five to seven questions, for two marks each. Reading followed by questions, each with a choice of A,B,C,or D for the correct answer.
Part 4. Twelve to twenty-two questions, for one mark each. Looking for particular information. Sometimes you will have several short texts.

You are allowed allowed 1 hour 15 minutes for the paper. There are 40 - 50 questions which give you 20% of your total mark.


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