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Read what Joey's class teacher has to say about him in texts A & B, and in each of the the gaps in the teacher's informal note to a colleague (text A) write one or two suitable words. You should find the word from your reading of the report in text B, but these words are not in text B.


Hi Kate;
I'm doing the school 1. for Joey Falconer, and I'm not sure what I should say. He is a lively and intelligent child, but he can be a nuisance in class. He should get much 2. grades for his work than he does. It's not that he's 3. - he just does not pay 4. to the teacher. With the 5. he likes such as history and science he is an 6. student, but his French teacher says that he is a real horror. It's not just that he doesn't listen, he also 7. the other students. The thing 8. that Joey was very ill last year, and he 9. a lot of classes. His parents have hired a private tutor to help him 10., and Joey prefers learning with his tutor to lessons at the school. Now he seems to think school hours are just for socializing with his friends. Overall 11., I don't want to be too 12. on him. He's such a nice kid that even his French teacher 13. him, and he has been doing well on the 14.


Joseph Falconer, aged 11.
Joey is a very likeable child who has a lot of friends in the school. He has made up a lot of the ground which he lost due to his absence last year, and is making excellent progress, particularly in History and Science. However, in subjects which do not interest him, Joey is not working as hard as he should and as a result his marks are lower than expected.
Joey needs to understand that a school is a learning environment, not just for himself but also for the other children in his class. For instance his French teacher says that his behaviour in class leaves a great deal to be desired and he stops other children from concentrating.
Despite this problem, Joey has made excellent progress and he is popular with both staff and students at the school.


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