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Read the text carefully and check each line for an error. If you find an error, write the error in the box at the end of the line. If there is no error in that line, write nothing in the box.

Plastic - the wonder material.

1. Though plastic is essential on modern civilization, it is a very new      
2. material - the inventor Alexander Parkes demonstrated the first plastic
3. at an exhibition in London less than 150 years away.
4. For years later celluloid was invented. Today we think of plastic as
5. environmentally friendless, because it does not decay. But celluloid helped
6. to stop the slaughter of thousands of African elephants whos' tusks were
7. being used to make ivory billiard balls. Later; thin transparent sheets of
8. celluloid have pictures printed onto them, and these reels of celluloid projected
9. movies in the cinemas of the 1930's.
10. In 1913, a Swiss inventor invented cellophane while searching for a material
11. which would resist dirt and water and what could be easily cleaned. He was
12. looking for a superior tablecloth, but instead invented the twentieth centuries
13. favourit packaging material. There was no stopping the plastics revolution.
14. Plastic has replaced the fibres in toothbrushes, and the silk in woman's stockings.
15. Vinyl is used for flooring, and Teflon for kitchenwear. Polythene is the most
16. common plastic - it was used for soft drink bottles, food containers and thousands of other everyday objects.


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