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English in Use is paper 3 of the Cambridge Advanced English exam. This paper has six parts. You have to choose words to put in gaps, sometimes from a selection, and sometimes you have to find the words yourself. Sometimes you have to change words (for example; from nouns to adjectives) in a sentence. You will have to find and correct errors in a text, and do a task such as completing an informal note from a formal set of instructions.

Part 1. Fifteen questions. You must fill gaps in the text with one of four choices for each gap.
Part 2. Fifteen questions. Another text with gaps, but not multiple choice - you must find the right word yourself.
Part 3. Sixteen questions. A 200 word text with one or no errors in each line. If there is an error, you must correct it.
Part 4. Fifteen questions. Two short texts. You have to put a word into the gaps by changing one of the words you are given into the correct form.
Part 5. Thirteen questions. Two short texts, one with gaps in it. You must fill in the gaps from the second text using information from the first text.
Part 6. Six questions. A text of 250-400 words with six sentences or phrases missing. You must choose the correct sentence or phrase from the ten choices which you are given.

You are allowed allowed 1 hour 30 minutes for the paper. There are 80 questions which give you 20% of your total mark.


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