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exploding fireworks
exploding fireworks


15/3/2017The Prof's English blog intermediate
20/3/2017Beginners Course - Unit 11 for smartphonesbeginners
25/3/2017Grammar - Unit 8 part 2 intermediate
31/3/2017monthly crossword intermediate
5/4/2017Game for smartphones - Snakes and Ladders elementary
10/4/2017English for smartphones - CPE test 1 part 3advanced
15/4/2017English for smartphones - The return of Sherlock Holmes pp 21-33all levels
20/4/2017Comparatives part 1young learners
25/4/2017Dracula 2 pp 37-38all levels
30/4/2017Book review-
5/5/2017From Small to Large - Game for smartphonesintermediate/advanced
10/5/2017English for smartphones - CPE test 1 part 4advanced
15/5/2017The Prof's English blog intermediate
20/5/2017Beginners Course - Unit 12 for smartphonesbeginners
25/5/2017Comparatives part 2young learners

21/5/2017 This week's Podcast - The return of Sherlock Holmes (p23 and p24)

31/5/2017Monthly crossword intermediate
5/6/2017Game for smartphones - Gone fishingelementary
10/6/2017English for smartphones - CPE test 1 part 5advanced
15/6/2017Grammar - Unit 8 part 3 intermediate